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Frank Ocean and his samurai sword star in his new music video for “Swim Good.” This is the SECOND video from him in a week and i couldnt be more stoked. Check out one of my favorite singers blend Asian and aquatic vibes with dope cinematography.

And then for this - When I first heard Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You,” I imagined a clichéd couple-quarrelling-and-making-up video, not a tipi in a pasture with Native Americans burning sage inside. But hey, I guess I don’t have a strong enough imagination. Posted in the wee hours of the morning via their Tumblr, High5Collective liberated a Frank-approved visual for the falsetto-laden ballad, and it brings the song to a whole new level. Be clear, folks: this is nothing like Beyoncé’s “Best Thing I Never Had”.

There’s no use in boring you with a scene-by-scene account of the well-shot video, because I wouldn’t do the magical asteroid, spiritual ceremony, dream-catchers, or Frank’s hospital scrubs justice, and frankly, you should watch it for yourself to interpret. Just know that the imagery is full of esoteric symbolism, and it just might help you redefine the word “forever;” it’s romantic and heartwarming to think that love can last a lifetime, but if that love can transcend to future lifetimes, well, SWOON. Can we get a full album, already?!

credit: frankocean, urbandaily, vh1