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The global brand of a young and adventurous lifestyle, with a complete line of clothing and accessories.


Ruckus Apparel

:: Friday 12.21.12 :::

S U I T E 2 0 0 Proudly Presents:

**The RUCKUS End Of The World Party**

Thats right... after almost a year, they finally agreed to let us throw another party. And Im sure by the end the night they will be regretting it. This show will be out Winter Collection premiere featuring our entire Fall / Winter Collection including over 12 unseen items. AND - ALL ITEMS will be for sale the night of the show ON SITE. No middle men, so shipping costs, no waiting time or driving to the store. As for the show itself - smoke, light show, lasers, fire, ice, snakes, and 16 of the finest hand-selected models as only RUCKUS knows how to do it.

Sounds By: °DJ ISHE° When Suite 200 allowed us to bring in our own DJ, there was really only 1 name that was repeated over and over and over again in all of our production meetings. DJ ISHE. The world renown Bass dj and 3 time main-stager at Global Dance and Global Dub festivals is going to be throwing down in all his glory with no inhibitions. So get ready to get grimey, as Ishe WILL NOT be spinning any top 40s mash, or contemporary edm - he will be strictly throwing trap, dub, hip-hop, and getting crazy hyphe... honestly, its the only way we know how to party.

Special Performance By: °DAN SMITH of LISTENER° If you dont know who Dan Smith or LISTENER is - I should smack you. Do yourself a favor and crawl away from your Carly Jepson bullshit and google "Wooden Heart". I promise you have never seen such animation, passion, or spirit from a musician. Dan will be opening the show with a solo performance that alone is more than worth the price of admission. All i can really say is, Get Ready.

Doors Open At 09pm - Runway Starts At 11pm

Register for early VIP now while tickets last to avoid the cover: