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Ruckus Apparel

I recently had the privilege of meeting up with Denise Faddis, founder of TUSK Magazine for an interview and collaborative shoot to be featured in their Spring Issue. TUSK is an amazing, artsy, high class magazine with a bit of a grass roots edge to it. When Denise came to me with the concept for the shoot i was a bit nervous, but i figured what the hell, lets see where this goes. I called in Jessica Martinez, Madelyn Lance, Chelsea Robyn, Shae Tamati, and Caleb Gardner to help me out. All experienced models with the exception of Shae, but i love his tattoos, and he's new to America, so i brought him along for the fun.

The amazing Jo Dang did the girls makeup as me, alongside the photographer Erich Garza from GutterMouth Productions (and admittedly a bit of help from Madelyn) did the guys makeup.  We shot at a favorite spot of mine off the Platte River in Downtown Denver. I got a bit deeper in this interview too, i mean, i was already out of my comfort zone, so I might as well keep it up and not give the normal a, b, and c answers.  Anyways, i hope you enjoy it!! SEE THE ENTIRE FEATURE HERE!!