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Shout Out to TheGoodLife and Sailor Jerry

Ruckus Apparel

Just want to take a second to thank TheGoodLife and Sailor Jerry for taking such good care of us at the X Games in Aspen last weekend. This year TheGoodLife took its annual trek to the land of the Rockies to a whole other level. They partnered with Sailor Jerry to create TheGoodLife Cabin, a secret location yet full experience in Aspen, Colorado during the X Games. With haircuts from OG Kevin of NYC’s Frank’s Chop Shop, tattoos by New Orleans’ Downtown Terry Brown, unlimited Sailor Jerry, and ice cold brews from PBR, along with music from TV on the Radio’s Roofeeo and nonstop bones, the Cabin was Aspen’s most sought after secret hideout. From Bun B and his wife getting matching 10 year anniversary tattoos (her first ever) to Diplo and Major Lazer getting inked to Peter Line’s historic first tattoo of his dog’s name, there was literally never a dull moment. Louie Vito and Mike Hucker got haircuts and shaves, Stevie Bell, Jack Mitrani, and Sex Panther went in heavy on the bones, Halldor Helgason added to his growing repertoire of finger tats, Louif Paradis showed off his two new X Games gold medals, Mason Aguirre completed his sleeve, Hondo from Transworld changed his whole look, Trouble Andrew added some accents while my girl Athena Brownson got laced with a pinky tat. Check out a rad gallery by Laura Austin here, and don’t forget to follow TheGoodLife on Instagram @wearethegoodlife for all the behind the scenes action.