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The global brand of a young and adventurous lifestyle, with a complete line of clothing and accessories.


Ruckus Apparel

So sorry for the craziness!  We do NOT HAVE MALWARE! Haha, i dont even know what the hell malware is!  But whatever that virus was it jacked our system pretty good.  But in Ruckus style - were back bigger and better than ever!  Zach Reed with BlueTide gave us an awesome face lift as well as got rid of all the problems the old site had.  If you guys are in need of an amazing web guy - Zach is the guy to see for sure!!  Couldnt have done this without him!! In other news - while we were down the FALL LINE WAS RELEASED!  If you click on the store up above it will take you right to the online store!

With all of the website problems we lost everything - so be a little patient with me and give me some time to update everything and get it all back into working order.

I hope everyone is doing great!!  MORE TO COME ASAP!