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Efficiency vs Effectiveness


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Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Josh Schmitz

My wife Jane recently pointed out the difference between efficiency and effectiveness in the context of GyShiDo.

Efficient people are well organized and competent. They check things off their to-do list. They complete projects. They get stuff done.

Effective people do all that, but they check the right things off their to-do list. They complete the right projects. They get the right stuff done.

It’s funny - I know a lot of entrepreneurs who are clearly efficient but not always effective. They spend their time chasing the wrong opportunities, optimizing for the wrong things or keeping themselves insanely busy by taking on tangential tasks.

On the flip side of this I have friends who are incredibly effective (for obvious reasons their effectiveness translates pretty directly into success too).

Work on your GyShiDo-skills - and pay attention to stay hyper-effective.

Always Run. Never Walk.