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The global brand of a young and adventurous lifestyle, with a complete line of clothing and accessories.


Josh Schmitz

Hey Guys!

We are super stoked to present to you our new podcast. Hosted by myself and my great friend Tommy Green from Sleeping Giant. We are calling the podcast #FIGHTSTORIES, and the simple purpose of the podcast is to give you guys a more organic insight into the outlook and beliefs of this company and present our DeathCrew with some amazing advice, tips, tricks, and perspective, not only from Tommy and Myself, but a lot of our friends as well.

I used to write new articles weekly, but as the company grew I simply don't have the time to do long format articles anymore like I used to. But I still have a longing to connect and encourage you guys in a unique way so we think #FIGHTSTORIES is a great medium to be able to do that.

Our first episode is out now - we hope you enjoy, and please leave us some feedback on your thoughts and who we should interview next!