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Josh Schmitz

I dont really know where to begin, trying to talk about the 9 day house-show run we just did with Beartooth. Tom from Artery approached us with the idea about a month or so before it happened and explained to us the situation.

Beartooth is playing Warped and hit some radius clause roadblocks on the touring to get to their Showcases at SXSW and instead of throwing a fit, the band simply opted to route the shows themselves, using  living rooms, sheds, and basements as their stages.

At the core of everything RUCKUS is, believes in, and stands for, stands two fundamentals:
1) Restoring Hope and Confidence in a broken world
2) Building community and memories

This house show tour completely embodied both of these principles so it was a no brainer to jump in and support it with both feet. 

I opted to join them for the entire 9 day trip, alongside photographer / videographer Brad Heaton, to experience and document the trip.

I love being out of my comfort zone, so sleeping inside a 12 passenger van alongside 8 other guys every night didn't phase me. I learned a lot in those 9 days about leadership from Beartooth. I learned you can’t railroad your way, but you can lead with a vision, hard work and a lot of kindness. The boys in Beartooth also taught me something about life while we were on the road.

They taught me about what it looks like to have tough conversations but not being afraid of judgement. As a group of friends who keep eachother accountable, it was an amazing community that just continues to justify in my head that the most important piece of any organization striving for success is PEOPLE. People first. If you want to change the outside world  - take a look at the people in your inside world first.

Here are some shots inside our inside world, by Brad Heaton:

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