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The global brand of a young and adventurous lifestyle, with a complete line of clothing and accessories.


Josh Schmitz

We just finished out annual unlife retreat, and man, I am at a loss for words. Instead of trying to explain WHAT happened over the weekend (because I dont think there is anyway I can), instead I am just going to tell you WHY we do this.


In 2013 for the Summer marketing campaign for RUCKUS, we raised over $20,000 and thew a series of 3 Pool Parties. They were amazing. Thousands of people came, there was free food, drinks, national headlining acts for music, but at the end of the third party, we were driving away and had one of the most honest conversations ever.

We simply said "FOR WHAT?!"

Don't get us wrong, they were great parties, and we the brand got a ton of "impressions" (whatever that means), but at the end of it all, we were left feeling extremely empty, and honestly, kind of worthless.

We had raised a ton of money and thrown some huge parties. That was it.

We weren't helping anyone, we weren't building DEEP or MEANINGFUL relationships or community. We were simply arranging convenient and shallow entertainment, nothing more. We knew that as a brand, as a company, and as responsible business owners and leaders, we had to develop something more. We had to develop something that actually meant something.

At the core of what RUCKUS is, we want to only be about 2 things:
1) Bringing hope and confidence into a broken world.
2) Building Community.

So - we switched our Summer marketing campaign the following year on its head (honestly, that's probably giving ourselves too much credit, it was more of an experiment than anything). We set out to grow DEEP within our community and clientele, not WIDE.

We thought; What would happen - if instead of growing shallow with 3 thousand people, we brought together some of the best leaders, trendsetters, and ruckusmakers we know and grow DEEP with only 30 people. A Manhattan Project of the new age.

And with that, the Ruckus UNLIFE Retreat was born.

One part Leadership, Two parts Courage, all parts Ruckus... The future of culture development, community, and a voice of people who are fed up with the statuesque -

Welcome to the UNLIFE.