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Cody Donovan

The Beast From The East, The DonnyBrook, The Sultan of Swat – ok ok, maybe not the last one, but Cody Donovan is a freak of nature. Coming from very humble beginnings, born in Waterloo, Iowa and is of Irish descent. He began training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the age of 17 and also worked as a security guard of a psychiatric ward of a hospital in Denver, Colorado before meeting Nate Marquardt, who introduced Donovan to mixed martial arts. The coolest part of this guy is that Donovan actually attended the Art Institute of Colorado and graduated with a degree in media arts, haha he says if he wasn’t beating peoples asses for a living, he would probably be an artist. Not only is this guy extremely committed to his craft, he is also an amazing man of Faith and gives all the Glory to God. Couldn’t be more honored to have this guy on our Team.