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We are beyond proud to announce our Collaboration with Silent Planet and The Foundry treatment center. We have come together to create an amazing awareness collaboration T-shirt where ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO HELPING ONE INDIVIDUAL CHANGE THEIR LIFE FOREVER.


The goal of our fundraiser is to truly change the path of someone's life. We're not raising money to benefit the Foundry's overall mission - we're raising money to send ONE person to LONG-TERM addiction treatment, and alter the course of their life forever. 


There is a person out there right now who wants so badly to change their life, but they perhaps can't find the resources necessary to go to treatment or to remove themselves from a toxic living situation. We intend to create an application process to find this person - a person with a profound intrinsic motivation to change, but no ability to harness it.


100% of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards sending this selected individual to long-term treatment at the The Foundry Treatment Center in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. And then into an aftercare program that will aid in their transition back to independence. The goal is raise enough money to put someone through a multi-phase, 1-year, continuum of care - from detox back to true independence. If we fall short of raising enough money to cover the entire program fee, we'll make up the difference ourselves! And if we raise more than enough money to accomplish this goal, we'll bring someone else in right on the heals of the first. Either way, this fundraiser is going to result in altering the course of someone's life FOREVER!


The Foundry isn't a program that's available to everyone. We have countless amenities designed to encourage growth, inspire change, promote engagement, and afford our program participants the best opportunity possible to "forge a new life" for themselves.


The treatment will include:

- 1 week of medical detox,
- 90 days of residential treatment,
- 90 days of transitional treatment,
- 6 months of group sober living.


We will select the individual through an in-depth application process designed to target the appropriate individual; looking for the person most in need with the least likelihood of squandering the opportunity or taking it for granted.

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Does this idea and movement inspire you? Please SUPPORT US NOW by buying the collaboration T-Shirt!